The Injectables Access Collaborative (AC) Learning and Action Network (LAN) recently hosted a webinar highlighting the potential of task-sharing to expand access to injectable contraception, including the long-acting, reversible contraceptive DMPA-SC and self-injection.

Task-sharing involves training and authorizing community health workers (CHWs) to provide certain healthcare services, including supporting clients with self-injection of DMPA-SC. This approach aims to increase access to these contraceptives in communities, especially in remote areas with limited healthcare facilities.

The webinar showcased the growing trend of task-sharing for injectable contraceptives, at least 13 countries now authorize CHWs to support clients initiating self-injection at the community level. The webinar featured presentations from ministry of health representatives and CHWs themselves, who shared their experiences and insights on task-sharing.

The event focused on several key aspects, sharing the latest data on DMPA-SC provision and self-injection support by CHWs, highlighting the potential of task-sharing to expand access to family planning options and improve healthcare equity.

Discussing strategies to strengthen community health programs to deliver integrated primary healthcare services, including an expanded range of family planning choices, the Injectables Access Collaborative and its partners are committed to supporting countries in implementing effective task-sharing strategies to ensure that women and girls have greater access to safe and effective contraceptive options.

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