The Injectables Access Collaborative (AC), a global partnership dedicated to increasing access to injectable contraceptives, has announced a new phase of its work. This phase will focus on expanding access to DMPA-SC, a long-acting, reversible contraceptive, and self-injection, allowing women to administer the medication themselves.

Previously known as the DMPA-SC Access Collaborative, the initiative has been renamed to reflect a broader focus on the entire injectable market. This includes not only DMPA-SC but also other injectable contraceptives.

“At the heart of the AC is the idea that when people can access diverse contraceptive options, they are more likely to find one that matches their individual preferences and needs,” says Ashley Jackson, AC Project Director. “Women and girls have called for more methods they can discreetly and conveniently access close to home and manage themselves—methods like DMPA-SC.”

The new phase of the AC will be led by PATH in collaboration with an expanded consortium of partners, including the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), inSupply Health, Jhpiego, and JSI. This collaboration builds on the past six years of work by the previous iteration of the AC and complementary projects, aiming to ensure the sustainable availability of DMPA-SC and self-injection as part of a wider range of contraceptive options.

The AC will offer technical assistance to countries in three ways. continuous technical assistance: This will be provided to 11 countries that are actively scaling up DMPA-SC/SI programs. Short-term technical assistance: This will be available to countries that are earlier in the process of introducing and scaling up DMPA-SC/SI.

Self-serve technical assistance, This includes resources and tools like the AC’s DMPA-SC Resource Library, which is accessible to countries at any stage of the introduction and scale-up process.

The AC will also produce market analyses, conduct research, and share learnings to support the scale-up of DMPA-SC and self-injection globally.

The Injectables Access Collaborative welcomes new country partners to join their efforts in expanding access to these crucial contraceptive options for women and girls around the world.

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