“Stop Bike Riding; Grow Food, Agric Investment Offers Hope for Sierra Leone’s Future”

Dr. Ezekile Duramany Kakkoh, Dean of Faculty IPAM in One-Day Seminar on Agaric Investment at the Bank Complex Kingtown Freetown call the youth to learn more and join the agricultural investment.

Dr Kakkoh calls for a shift away from youth migration and drug dependence in villages, urging them to embrace Agaric Financing and Corporate Farming as a solution for food security and economic prosperity. He said together, let’s grow what we eat and rebuild our nation’s resilience!

He criticizes politicians for neglecting agriculture during the 2023 elections, highlighting its crucial role in feeding the nation and avoiding reliance on volatile imports like rice from Pakistan. Dr Kakkoh outlines the benefits of corporate farming, including:

Employment opportunities for previously idle youth. Increased food production to combat rising prices and shortages. Sustainable profits through Agaric’s land listing initiative, offering one-acre plots for 40 million Leones in five districts.

An investor-friendly model with land preparation, planting, and security provided by the company, resulting in an expected 800-bag cassava yield per acre. He challenges both rural and urban youth to embrace agriculture, empowering them to build food sufficiency and a brighter future for Sierra Leone.

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