One-Day Seminar on Agaric Investment

Engineer Amadu Sesay, Operation and Managing Director, ICC Investment Company, Engineer Sesay launched Location Bank Complex, King Town, Freetown on Agaric Financing and Corporate Farming

Agaric Financing and Corporate Farming, encouraging Sierra Leoneans to join the corporation and invest in agriculture. He emphasized the importance of agriculture for food security, economic development, and employment.

He highlighted various agricultural activities, including crop production, animal husbandry, forestry, and soil management. He announced a land listing initiative for corporate farming, with one acre at 40 million Leones in five districts.

Investors can expect an 800-bag cassava yield per acre after one season, with profit distribution between investors, farmers, and community development. The company will facilitate land preparation, planting, and security, reducing investor workloads.

Cassava cultivation offers good financial returns and various product applications beyond food. Join the exclusive seminar on Agricultural Financing and Corporate Farming to learn more and network.


More concise and action-oriented. clearer organization with a focus on key points.  Removed redundant information, and simplified technical terms.

Engineer Sesay’s support of President Bio’s “Go Feed Salone campaign. which was A Strong call to action Mr. Sesay Briefly explained the benefits of Agaric financing compared to traditional farming, he wanted all revise his version to provide a clearer and more engaging overview of the Agaric investment seminar and corporate farming initiative.

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